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*Check out our 2 hour flight offer, just click here!




Give us a call to find out more.


You know you wanna……

Call us for more information on how you can start your flight training. 604-501-2488


Is it time to realize your childhood dream of flight?

Year-round, students attracted by the reasonable cost of recreational flying come not only from the local area, but from all parts of the world, to train for the Ultralight/Passenger carriage permits and to realize the dream of flight.

Adding the ability of flight to your lifestyle opens up unlimited possibilities.

Add to your experience by visiting picturesque places in BC (for example, Vancouver Island). Fly over to Tofino and land on the beach at Vargus Island. Enjoy the untouched beauty of the Pacific Ocean surrounding it. Or, cross the Straight of Georgia and enjoy the beauty of the Gulf Islands on a calm sunny day. Fly over mountains to Scookumchuk and soak yourself in a hot spring.

Are you a pilot already? Come and discover for yourself the places you have never been to in a certified airplane. Learn hands-on skills in mountain flying and short-field operations, or simply enjoy the local area thanks to the spectacular visibility from our aircraft.

At the end of the day, sit around a camp fire and contemplate the experiences of the day and the night sky bursting with stars.

Always wanted to fly? Not quite sure it is something for you? Want to try something new in your life?

Being a licensed Ultralight Pilot brings on possibilities known only to us, the ultralight family.

Come and try a no obligation discovery flight with an instructor and get a chance to fly an airplane and discover the added thrill of having a third-dimension to play with.

We also have gift certificates available. What could be a better gift for that friend or a loved one who keeps raising their head every time an airplane goes by?

Our Discovery flights start as low as $54. You have a choice of flying over beautiful White Rock beaches, tracking the curves of Fraser River, orbiting the rush hour traffic in Downtown Vancouver, or allowing the beauty of local mountains take your breath away…

Give us a call today at 604-501-2488, It’s never to late…… to Aviate!

(Pilot Profile) David Bianchi

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20150406_181627-1-1-1-1-1-1-1Born in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario, David caught the aviation bug watching the dash-8s flying on approach to Campbell River as a child. Years later, David started flying in 1998 on a 152, accumulating 18 hours. He worked on the docks at Vancouver Island Air with the Beavers and the Beech 18’s, then went to BCIT and completed the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer course, never having finished his Private Pilot License. He worked for Air Canada for 8 years as an AME. David enjoys maintenance thoroughly, but still longed to leave the ground. He acquired his Ultralight Pilot Permit last February, and has since accumulated over 100 hours. David bought his own plane in April of 2014. He enjoyed his first big trip to Quesnel, flying up there with Joel and James, and flying home solo, 4.3 hours solo all the way back from Quenelle. He has since been to Nootka Island and Vargas Island. David also enjoys the far too “occasional” slice of pie at Chilliwack. Overall, David is a true grass root aviator.

Ryan Derot

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20150406_180910(0)-1-1Born in Toronto, our newest student, Ryan, has always been interested in airplanes. From operating R/C models, to working on airplanes, and finally to owning one! Ryan is now the proud owner of the Mitchell Wing U2 C-IRDR. He dipped into the aviation world at Boundary Bay in 2006, then worked on the ramp at Pacific Coastal Aviation. As of 2015 he has 100 hours. “Eat, sleep, and breathe airplanes.” –Ryan. If he’s not working, he’s at the airpark! Ryan’s goal is to have his airplane as a static display at airshows, and would like to fly at airshows in the future with his rather unique aircraft. Look for his “baby” taking to the skies this summer!

IHFV Flies again

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IJFV made it’s first flight today with it’s new owner (and with  instructor) Paul.   We would also like to welcome Marcus to King George Aviation on his first full day of flying as an instructor with us.

New Years Day 2015

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Busy first day of 2015 with FVMV, FAVB, IMMY, IJXX. IZIM. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all.

Scott Solos

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Well do to Scott Bianco and his first solo from all of us at King George Aviation.

Sept, STOL Fly-in

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Don’t forget to keep Sept. 15 open.  KGA will be hosting it`s first STOL Fly-in.  If you have a STOL Aircraft or are just interested in looking, stop by. BBQ will be running 11-3.  Call 604 501 2488 with any questions.

Maddie Solo’d

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As a lot of you may know, Maddie, who worked with us this last summer is taking an aviation course in Florida (I guess she doesn’t like the rain too much!) Anyway, I am proud to let you know that she did her first solo this morning……. Congratulations to you Maddie, from all of us at King George Aviation

KGA closed Sat afternoon Nov 3rd

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Please note KGA will be closing at 1pm on Sat to allow staff to attends Jim Stevens memorial.

SAT is race day

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KGA is to be a stop on the Sutton amazing race this Sat afternoon. http://www.facebook.com/SuttonAmazingRace

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