Flight Instructors


Ben Goodridge Canada’s first Paraplegic Ultralight Instructor. He comes to King George Aviation directly from England. He has Canadian, US, and British PPL’s, and a UK instructors rating to boot. As the child of a private pilot, Ben grew up in the back seat of an airplane and has flying in his blood from a young age.





seb1Sebastien Gomard
A full-time AME, Sebastien, first became interested in flying in his native France but had to wait until he immigrated to Canada to get his wings. With a loan from his Father in late 1998, Sebastien was finally able to fulfill his childhood dreams of flight. Two months after becoming a licensed ultralight pilot, he received his Instructors rating. Now rated on 15 different aircraft types, Sebastien also has the following endorsements: Float, Tail dragger, and Mountain check. Sebastien is also often called on for his test piloting abilities by local builders.








wdsc02985Joel Ellis – Examiner
Joel comes to us from the GA world and Air Cadets, where he learned to glide. Joel has been flying for close to 7 years and is ultimately looking for a career with the Canadian Air force.





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