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Aircraft & Hanger Rentals

We are proud to offer our RANS aircraft for private rental. Rental rates are start at $85 CDN/hour. Prepaid rentals on our Coyote aircraft are available for as low as $89 CDN/hour. Whether you’re looking for some fun in the air, a quick weekend trip, or your needing to build time, our aircraft offers great performance and affordable rental rates.

Our fleet of aircraft includes the famous RANS aircraft, such as:


RANS S6 Coyotes

Coyotes have more of a conventional airplane look and are based on the proven design of the Cessna 150. Nevertheless, they are roomier, more fun to fly, and arguably faster than the little Cessna. Among the great qualities is great range (up to 600 miles on some models), impressive glide capabilities with a 9:1glide ratio, and a quiet Rotax 912 engine. If you like flying long distances in fairly short time, these airplanes might be for you.

Beaver Aircraft

wdsc024961One of the most enjoyable ways to have a look at he local scenery, the Beaver is unsurpassed at easy of handling and pure enjoyment in flight.  While not a X-country machine, for a fun flight to just go up and punch a whole in the sky.

100_1939Are you in  Cranbrook? Try flying our Chinook

Professionally built in BC By ASAP Aviation the chinook is unsurpassed with its view.  Enjoy summer flying with the doors off and the wind in your hair.

For those who would love to try some water flying we offer the Advanced Aerodyne “SeaRey” amphibious flying boat. With an unlimited number of mountain lakes and close proximity to the Pacific Ocean, the SeaRey is a great utility aircraft and the most fun in flying (and boating!) you can get. Come and check this great airplane. Some restrictions on rentals apply.

yellowA22 Foxbat

vagabondand Piper Vagabond

Hanger Rentals

Covered Monthly Parking $99.50 -125.00

Uncovered Monthly Parking $78.50

Yearly Covered Parking $1040.00- 1540.00

Uncovered Yearly Parking $ 790.00

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