20150406_181627-1-1-1-1-1-1-1Born in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario, David caught the aviation bug watching the dash-8s flying on approach to Campbell River as a child. Years later, David started flying in 1998 on a 152, accumulating 18 hours. He worked on the docks at Vancouver Island Air with the Beavers and the Beech 18’s, then went to BCIT and completed the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer course, never having finished his Private Pilot License. He worked for Air Canada for 8 years as an AME. David enjoys maintenance thoroughly, but still longed to leave the ground. He acquired his Ultralight Pilot Permit last February, and has since accumulated over 100 hours. David bought his own plane in April of 2014. He enjoyed his first big trip to Quesnel, flying up there with Joel and James, and flying home solo, 4.3 hours solo all the way back from Quenelle. He has since been to Nootka Island and Vargas Island. David also enjoys the far too “occasional” slice of pie at Chilliwack. Overall, David is a true grass root aviator.