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Stephane Marois
Stephane MaroisCommercial Pilot with Instructor Class 3, Multi-Engine, Seaplane, and Night Ratings; Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Type M
+30,000 T/O and landings on short and unimproved/unpaved airstrips
22 years dual role as Pilot and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
Demonstration Pilot at world renowned international air shows for more than six seasons
Experienced with flying across North America, Central America, and the Caribbean
22 years as Ground School Instructor
20 years as Chief Flight Instructor in the Ultralight Flight Industry
Mountainous terrain and high altitude water operations check pilot
8500 hours of in-flight instruction on a variety of airplanes
Self-proficiency check on more than 30 different airplanes
Proficient on tail draggers, pushers and high thrust line airplanes, and amphibious aircraft
Benjamin Goodridge
Benjamin GoodridgeFlight Instructor
Canada’s first Paraplegic Ultralight Instructor. He comes to King George Aviation directly from England. He has Canadian, US, and British PPL’s, and a UK instructors rating to boot. As the child of a private pilot, Ben grew up in the back seat of an airplane and has flying in his blood from a young age.