wwDSC03322It’s here and ready for test flights..Visit Light Wing Aviations web page for more information on the A22 Foxbat.


The A22 Foxbat is a rugged go-anywhere aircraft. Its incredible short take-off and landing (STOL) performance is just the start!
If you are looking for an aircraft which:

handles safely throughout its flight envelope,
is superbly manoeuvrable and will turn on a cent in the air or on the ground,
will land and take off like a tail-dragger – without all the fancy footwork,
has a cross-wind capability of 17kts,
can cruise at a genuine 105-115 kts TAS,
stalls under 30 knots,
the A22 Foxbat is for you! And when you experience the space inside, you’ll realise just how cramped our competitors’ aircraft are – the view out of the Foxbat makes even a helicopter seem claustrophobic (at a third of the price)! Call us now for a no-obligation demonstration.

Foxbat – the benefits for you
Ultra-short take-offs and landings on the high-lift wing to give big safety margins on short air-strips.
Slow and safe stall speed is below 30kts. Stall characteristics are completely safe – no tendency for wing-drop. This means you can safely cruise at 40-45kts close to the ground without worrying about ‘tucking’ under.
Honest 105-115kts TAS cruise speed. Not only can you get in & out of small strips, you can cruise quickly between them
Big fun to fly – the relaxed flying characteristics of the A22 Foxbat make it easy to manoeuvre and a pure joy to fly! You don’t need to be concentrating on the gauges all the time. The A22 feels (and is) stable and sure-footed in all configurations.
Reliable & economical Rotax 912ULS (100hp) 4-stroke, liquid cooled power. These engines have achieved an almost legendary reputation for reliability, with 1,500 hours time-before-overhaul – about 10-15 years for the average flyer!
Comfortable & amazingly spacious cabin – 128cm (50+ inches) wide, 2-seats side-by-side. Doors are glazed down to the floor, giving a truly helicopter-like view out! Glazed panels behind the cockpit give an almost 360 degree view.
Long-lasting all metal anodised aluminium riveted airframe. Cowls and wingtips are composite. Base model has ‘Stitts’ fabric covering on the control surfaces and part of the wing, which is glued and painted. LSA model has metal wing top-surface option. All fabric is UV-proofed when sealed and painted, giving a projected 20-year life.
Soft comfortable ride on wide tyres on wide undercarriage even on the roughest strips. Centre of gravity is close to the main wheels, so the nose can be kept clear of the ground very easily – there’s even a small tail wheel!
Around 300 A22s are currently flying – in Australia, USA, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates and other countries.

Flight performance at maximum take-off weight

Max. level speed, Vne 220 km/h
Stalling speed (flaps down) 70 km/h
Max. range (90 fuel, still air) 1100 km
Max. endurance (90 l fuel) 10 h
Rate of climb (ISA, sea level) 3 m/s
Engine: Rotax-912 100 h.p.
Takeoff/landing run (no wind) 120/100 m
Wing span 9.55 m
Length 6.23 m
Height 2.4 m
Wing area 12.62 m2
Maximum take-off weight, landplane / floatplane 1200/1200 lb
(unless aircraft is put into amateur category, building would be required)
Empty weight 290 kg
G-Loads +4 / -2